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When Is It Time to Seek Relationship Therapy?

When difficulties in your relationship cause serious conflict and issues cannot be resolved easily and amicably you may quickly understand when it is time to seek relationship therapy.

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What to Expect from Sex Therapy

When you require sex once a month and your partner desires 5 times a week, neither of you are right or wrong to suggest that it’s time to find a resolution. By meeting with a skilled therapist, you will quickly find out what to expect from sex therapy.

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Why Pre-Marriage Counseling Is Suggested to Couples

For many, thinking about ways to improve your marriage before you are married is a difficult conversation. You wouldn’t want to upset your future spouse at this stage. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why pre-marriage counseling is suggested to couples and here are some.

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Have You Thought About Your Life Beyond the Day You Are Married?

Concentrating on the dress, the gift list and the best man’s speech can often cloud your view when you should also be planning for the rest of your life. Premarital counseling for a lasting marriage can help you easily understand your roles in the marriage and how to learn skills that will benefit both partners.

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Long Distance Relationship Advice – How to Make It Work and Last

How far is long distance, for a relationship? Depending upon your transport arrangements, a relationship with a friend in the next town may be difficult. Seeking long distance relationship advice and how to make it work and last is essential whatever the miles between you.

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