It’s Just a Fact of Life, or is it? – Couples Sex Counseling: New York City

It’s no mystery that relationships tend to go stale. After years of being with your partner, you may feel as if the passion is slipping away or there is no desire left. You ultimately find yourself simply co-existing in a sexless marriage. This can be devastating to your partner, especially if they don’t feel the same. However, it also deeply affects the foundation of your relationship and inevitably the walls of your life may start crumbling. Many people accept this as a stage of life and pay it little mind, but did you know you can get that passion and desire back?

You Can Fix It, But How?

Andre Anthony Moore and his staff of counselors and life coaches are dedicated to solving these kinds of issues and helping you bring your relationship back to life. New York City is filled with couple’s counselors and life coaches, but few hold the same qualifications and experience as our staff at Couples Sex Counseling and Life Coaching. Your first meeting will consist of finding the deepest reasons for the way you feel, and the reasons behind how your partner feels. The first step to solving the problem is uncovering its source. After uncovering the source of the problem, continued counseling and coaching will set you and your spouse back on the path to passion.

Who is Andre Moore?

Andre Anthony Moore has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of couple’s counseling and life coaching. His education includes 8 years of intense study at various institutes, including The Washington Square Institute, The Postgraduate Center for Psychotherapy and Mental Health and The National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. Andre has helped countless couples and he can help you too, with his couple’s sex counseling. New York City can be a big, cold place, but your relationship doesn’t have to be. Give Andre a call at (646) 759-0300 to schedule your consultation, or read some of the testimonials on our site written by happy couples.