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Six Questions to help Couples Discover who they Really Are

Our marriage and couples therapy counselors and relationship therapists at have found six key questions from the Integrative Psychiatry Institute that can help couples find greater meaning, purpose and get more in touch with what they really value in their lives.

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Recognizing Demon Dialogues

One of the most important ways of developing a more intimate relationship with your lover is by recognizing when what Sue Johnson pioneered Emotionally Focused Therapy calls Demon Dialogs before they happen.

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To David, About His Education

By Howard Nemerov

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What is Imposture Syndrome?

It’s the oozing globs of sweat under my armpits as I stuff my sentences with jargon and a scrambled, panicked outpouring of words, hoping to impress the people judging me. All of it fueled by my aching, natural need to belong.

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A Moving Example of Vulnerability

It takes great courage to express it. Most women are better at it than men.

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