Do You Know If You Are Searching for A Therapist or A Psychologist?

A psychologist is a medical practitioner who can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. A psychotherapist is involved with counseling, psychology, and social work. Where your needs are for a psychotherapist to help you, and perhaps your partner, learn how to communicate better, this is how to choose the right psychotherapist for you.

Have You Been Referred to Us?
In many circumstances, you would have been referred to us by your doctor or perhaps recommended by friends and family after they have used our services previously.

Our aim in helping you know how to choose the right psychotherapist for you is to explain our work and the way we achieve success. The purpose of meeting with you is to provide a therapeutic intervention. This is often after you may have experienced a problem in your relationship or a change in your mood.

We do not set out to diagnose or treat a condition. Our aim is to help build bonds of communication where areas of conflict are beginning to grow out of control. This may be after troubles with your spouse or partner, grief after a death of a close friend or family member or a period of depression or anxiety.

Where you wish or have been advised to talk through the problem, we are your experts to help guide you to understand the cause-and-effect and help you find a solution.

We teach individuals and couples how to communicate more effectively and to recognize a situation before conflict arises.

You will know how to choose the right psychotherapist for you when you bond and empathize with their manner and discussions in understanding your circumstances.

We will never be rushed into finding a conclusion without investigating the reasons why. This is why we encourage you to talk to us and discuss your current circumstances and where you see yourself in the future. We are only ever an initial contact away.

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