Is Choosing a Marriage Therapist Easy?

Having taken the excellent step of deciding that you’re going to be choosing a marriage therapist, 7 questions you need to ask before deciding are listed below to help you navigate the possibilities ahead of you.

  1. What will you do for me? We will explain how a marriage therapist works. We do not provide easy and straightforward answers to all your problems but help guide you through learning how to communicate better and recognizing difficulties before they arrive, reducing the conflict that may currently exist.
  2. Will couples therapy help? There is no guarantee that marriage therapy will help, but without it, there may not be a way for you to move forwards in your relationship. It is certainly worth exploring the opportunity if you wish to save your marriage.
  3. Are you licensed? Is important that you choose a recognized and professional marriage therapist. Only those with a vast experience and knowledge will be able to help and guide you through the process.
  4. Do we both need to attend? It is always better that both of a couple attend marriage therapy, but where one refuses the skills learned by the other may be sufficient to solve the issues in your marriage.
  5. How do I find a marriage therapy expert? You may have friends or family that have been involved with marriage therapy or have discussed successful results with other individuals. You are already on our website, so feel free to explore before making an appointment with us.
  6. Do you specialize? Some therapists are experts in specific areas while others may be more generally trained. You will need to seek the help and advice of a therapist who is an expert in those areas identified as being your specific needs.
  7. What do you charge? You must be able to afford the costs associated to marriage therapy. You may be covered by your employer or personal insurance. You most certainly would not wish to damage your finances and cause a further rift in your relationship while trying to solve other issues.

We will be pleased to answer these questions before you decide to enter marriage therapy with one of our professional experts. We hope you will be able to navigate the simple process of choosing a marriage therapist. 7 questions you need to ask before deciding will help guide your decisions.

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