Covid-19 and Mental Health Impact: What are the Long-term Side Effects?

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The global pandemic impacted the lives of many, causing some to lose their jobs, others to lose a family member or close friend to the virus, and others to need the help of a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor to work through mental health issues that arose. Overall, it has been difficult to cope mentally with the way the world changed and how those changes might have affected your life. 

Though it’s difficult to know how this is going to affect our society in the long run, evidence of how it may have a negative impact on individuals’ mental health is already beginning to surface. If you think that you or your spouse (or both of you) are experiencing negative mental health effects from the pandemic, contacting a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor to discuss your situation may be the best option for you.

What are the long-term side effects that we have seen thus far?

According to a study published this August by Nirmita Panchal, Rabah Kamal, Kendal Orgera, Cynthia Cox, Rachel Garfield, Liz Hamel, Cailey Muñana, and Priya Chidambaram a higher percentage of people were reporting that their mental health had been negatively impacted by stress related to the pandemic. Much of this is because of factors such as not being able to see other people and losing one’s job. There was a higher percentage of people who reported being negatively impacted who had been sheltering in place than those who were not.

new york mental health counselor

There were multiple other factors that resulted in a higher percentage of people reporting mental health issues, as well. Those who had reported having previous chronic mental health issues were at a higher risk of being affected negatively, as were women who had children under the age of 18. 

Those with a lower income reported negative mental health effects more than those with a higher income. Some of the issues reported were an increase in substance use (alcohol included) and problems sleeping or eating. If you or someone you know have experienced these effects, talking to a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor may help.

Negative Impacts of the Pandemic

Business Insider published an article listing a few ways that people may continue to be negatively impacted in the long-term by the pandemic. Contact a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor if you experience these effects and they impact your life or your marriage.

  1. An increase in anxiety disorders
  2. An increase of severe depression amongst healthcare workers, as well as anxiety and PTSD
  3. Those who contracted the virus or lost someone to it may experience PTSD or depression
  4. Increase of substance abuse
  5. Feelings of isolation amongst children, those working from home, and the elderly who lost their jobs

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