New York Marriage Counselor: Tips for Surviving the Mental Strain of a Covid-19 Lockdown

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During normal times, marriages can sometimes be strained or couples can have conflicts, but some couples are facing escalations in mental strains on their marriage from being around each other more often. If you find that you and your spouse are experiencing issues while home together, speaking with a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor can be a way to resolve issues.

new york mental health counselor

We don’t think about it, but having time apart during work or meeting up with friends separately is a good thing while married. Spending all day every day with one person can lead to a strain on your relationship. In addition, in the wake of quarantine and economic shutdowns, some people may have lost jobs and couples may have faced other financial problems that caused issues within their marriage. 

Talking with a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor can help you to work through the rough patches caused by adjusting to life after COVID-19. However, getting to see a therapist can be hard during these times, so here are a few ways in which you can ease tension in your home without seeing a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor.

Be patient with each other

The stress of adjusting to working from home or no longer having a job coupled with worrying about friends and family getting sick and other stressors in your everyday life can take a toll on your mental well-being and you could end up taking it out on your spouse, or vice versa. Have patience with one another when mistakes occur or when tensions erupt.

Find alone time

Though you may share the same living space, it is healthy to set aside time where you do things without each other. Whether that be learning a new hobby or watching a tv show, some time apart may help to keep arguments at a minimum. 

Keep up with friendships

Interaction with other people is extremely important for our social and mental well-being. Set aside time to have virtual dinner or cocktail hour with friends. Just because you can’t see them in person does not mean you can’t still maintain friendships.

Communicate your needs

Any New York mental health counselor or New York marriage counselor would tell you that communication is a key to a healthy relationship. This becomes even more important the more time you spend with one another. 

Keep a routine

Staying at home, we often find ourselves getting comfortable coasting through the day. However, it can be helpful for your mental well-being to set a schedule for yourself. You can wake up at a certain time every day, sit down to eat meals together, and even set aside time for entertainment or time alone. Your schedule can coincide with your spouse or be completely different, depending on what you think you both need.

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