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Use Nonverbal Sensorimotor Techniques to deepen Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Unexpected Difference Between Happiness and Pleasure

There has been a premium placed on your personal, relationship, and familial happiness of late. What does it mean to be truly happy? What about pleasure? Do you find pleasure in life? What is the relationship between pleasure and happiness? There is a surprising difference between them that many aren’t aware of in today’s fast-paced world. Let’s explore this unexpected difference so you know how to be happy and find pleasure in all you do.

Pleasure is a Fleeting Moment

One of the most important things to understand when learning happiness vs pleasure is that pleasure is a fleeting moment. What does this mean? Pleasure comes from an external source in our lives. It comes from having a great meal with friends. It comes from receiving a package in the mail. It comes from being intimate with your significant other. We experience pleasure when we engage in a positive experience that heightens our senses and helps to make us happy, but it doesn’t last long. It only lasts as long as the experience lasts.

How is Happiness Achieved?

Happiness is a much deeper feeling that people experience in life. There can be a significant change in life to achieve happiness. It is a natural experience of being kind and loving in every moment in life. Happiness involves having compassion for yourself and others. You need to remove the judgmental feelings from your life and try not to be controlling in all you do.

Seeking Pleasure

happiness vs pleasure

The most common way people try to be happy in life is by seeking pleasure. Happiness and pleasure are not related. Why? When you seek pleasure, you are doing so to experience a fond memory of something from your past. There are no happy accidents involved in pleasure. These are events that tend to delay happiness in life because the emotions only last for a fleeting moment.

Real-Life Connections Can Bring Happiness

Technology drives our lives today. Connecting with an old friend, family member or new love interest via text message, email or Facebook will not make you happy. Chatting with this person will bring your pleasure for the length of the conversation. It will not bring you happiness. Humans need real-life connections to achieve true happiness. Visit with a loved one at their home. Meet an old friend for coffee. Have dinner with your new love interest. Put the phones away and speak to each other face-to-face. Real-life connections can bring happiness when you make time for them in your everyday life.

Having Trouble Finding Happiness in Life? Call an Experienced Therapist Today

Finding happiness is not always easy, especially in today’s technology-driven world. If you are having trouble finding happiness in various aspects of your life, it’s in your best interest to seek counseling from an experienced therapist. Contact Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching at (212) 673-4618 to schedule your first appointment. We can help you understand the difference between happiness and pleasure.

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