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Seven Misconceptions About Therapy and Couples Counseling

A successful relationship is one where both parties are invested in it and each other. Many successful relationships find their way to couples counseling at one point or another. This is not a bad thing. Therapy is not just for relationships that are on the verge of collapsing. Let’s explore seven common misconceptions about therapy and couples counseling so you feel more comfortable seeking help when your relationship requires it.

Couples Counseling is Only for a Failing Relationship

This is one of the worst misconceptions about therapy and it continues to spread today. Any couple can attend counseling if they so wish. It doesn’t matter if they have been together for one month or 50 years. Counseling does not have to be a last-ditch effort to save a marriage or a fledgling relationship. Instead, it should be used to reinforce your love for each other and help you work through minor problems before they overtake your life.

Couples Counseling Will Fix the Faults of My Partner

People who attend counseling tend to believe therapy myths like this one. Sometimes, it’s the only way a person will agree to go to counseling, thinking that the therapist will be able to fix all of their partner’s problems or that someone will finally see all of their faults. When you attend couples counseling, it is not meant to be a place where you can freely and openly bash or put down your partner. It needs to be a safe space that is free of judgment.

Therapy Guarantees the Relationship Will be Saved

myths and misconceptions about counseling

You cannot go into therapy with your partner having this mindset. The truth about therapy is that it works for some and not for others. Righting the ship of a sinking relationship is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and must include common goals. Both partners need to work towards fixing things and listening to what the therapist has to say. Simply attending counseling will not increase the chances your relationship will succeed.

Therapy Takes Way Too Long

Myths and misconceptions about counseling include the idea that therapy takes way too long. The fact here is that therapy only lasts between eight and 20 sessions. These sessions are spread out once per week. They will be focused on reaching different goals and resolving specific problems within your relationship. If you choose long-term therapy, you might attend sessions that span the course of one year. It all depends on your preference as a couple.

The Therapist Will Tell Us if the Relationship Should End

Many couples believe that the therapist will tell them if the relationship should end or not. If you are not yet married, and you have many challenges in your relationship, the therapist might recommend holding off on marriage for the time being. If you are married, make sure you visit a therapist who has experience working with married couples so you can answer the question, “Does couples therapy work?”

Problems in Your Marriage? Consider Couples Counseling

If you are struggling to solve problems in your marriage, it is important that you seek assistance from an experienced marriage counselor. Call the team from Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching in New York City at (212) 673-4618 today to schedule your first session.

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