Avoiding Polluters in Your Relationship

Relationship pollutants can be extremely detrimental to a couple’s wellbeing. We pollute our relationships when we do not give enough of ourselves to ensure that the relationship moves forward in a positive direction. At some point, you may exhibit these signs of pollution, but if you avoid them, your relationship will continue to get stronger and become healthier.

Couples Therapy for Removing Negative Influences

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can lead to a happier relationship.

Laziness, arguments, and denial are often the worst polluters in a relationship. If you find yourself getting lazier in the way that you interact with your partner, your relationship will start to suffer. Feeling more comfortable as the relationship grows and develops is a natural thing, but it’s important to ensure that you are constantly giving your relationship the love and attention that it deserves.

Learning how to Talk about a Disagreement in Couples Counseling

Arguments will happen in relationships, but if you argue in a way that hurts the other person, you are going to end up sabotaging the relationship. Your tone and the way that you express yourself when you argue is most important, and if you can find a calm and rational way to address your disagreements, you will be much better able to deal with conflicts as they arise in a productive, meaningful way.

Understanding How Denial Affects a Relationship in Counseling

In the same way that intense, passionate arguments can harm a relationship, denial can, too. Being in denial means glossing over certain situations and acting as though they don’t matter just so you can continue the relationship somewhat peaceably. Being blind to the truth doesn’t serve to help your relationship or make you stronger as a couple. In fact, it can make it much more difficult in the years to come as you try to overcome this denial and address the issues that are hidden underneath.

In the same way that intense, passionate arguments can harm a relationship, denial can, too.

Developing a better relationship is something that will help you in many areas of your life so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled. At Marriage and Couples Counseling in New York, our counselors are trained to provide you with expert advice on the issues that you face in your relationship. To understand each other better and learn how to deal with adversity or disagreements, couples therapy can take your relationship in a much more positive direction. When you explore all of the areas of your relationship in counseling, you can find practical solutions to help you learn how to build a stronger bond in the future.