André Anthony Moore, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (New York State License: 001435)

Ketamine and Psychedelic Assisted Therapist certified by The Integrative Psychiatry Institute Practitioner of Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Use Nonverbal Sensorimotor Techniques to deepen Emotionally Focused Therapy

Divorce Counseling

Going through a divorce is hardly an easy or sought-after experience. Unfortunately, there are times when marriages are not able to succeed in the long run, whatever the reasons may be. From financial issues or marital strife to infidelity or irreconcilable differences, for many couples, seeking divorce counseling when deciding to end their marriage is a helpful option to an often stressful and heartbreaking situation. Even though ending a marriage can bring a feeling of relief, that doesn’t make it any less easy.

Facing divorce means either partner could face an influx at emotions at once even if the decision to divorce is mutual, from anger, anxiety, depression, anguish, heartbreak, humiliation, denial, confusion, dismay, or other such feelings. This is especially true if there are children involved, which can skyrocket stress levels. These reasons and more make divorce counseling less stressful and painful, although it will not completely take the pain away.  As well as this, divorce therapy can help you and your partner decide if you want to go through with your divorce, reconcile your marriage, or transition from being married to single.Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling is a healthy and helpful resource to receive professional support and learn how to cope with this new change in your life. It is a place where you can safely express your emotions and learn new ways of understanding them, as well as learn different ways to cope and deal with divorce in order to get back on your feet.

As time progresses, you will regain your emotional strength, and life will feel normal again. A dedicated divorce counselor will work closely with you and give you the tools you need to help make this difficult life transition easier.

Benefits of Divorce Counseling

Seeking divorce counseling when you and your partner are trying to separate will only make the process easier and smoother. Of the many benefits of divorce therapy, some of the most influential are among the following:

  • Learning healthier communication in order to handle conflicts more effectively.
  • Learning how to properly resolve conflict in a healthy and productive way.
  • Learning how to go about addressing underlying or unresolved issues.
  • Developing a more thorough understanding of your partner’s needs and wants, as well as having a better understanding of yours and communicating them.

When you work with a licensed divorce counselor through your divorce proceedings, you and your partner are able to discuss your relationship, what went wrong, different goals and hopes or desires after the divorce. Experienced divorce therapists will allow both of you to examine your behavior and attitudes towards each other in your marriage that led to wanting a divorce, as well as helping you two be more intentional with both your words and actions.

This can be especially helpful if you and your spouse know how to get on each other’s nerves. You two have likely been together for a while, even before marriage, so you know how to annoy one another. Working with a divorce counselor will help you realize the toxicity of such behaviors, as well as discover new, healthy ways of communication to implement rather than push each other’s buttons.

Divorce Counseling NYC

However, once you learn how to control the way you react to certain situations, you will notice a drastic change in the drama surrounding your divorce. Simply changing your perspective and reactionary behavior can prevent your divorce from blowing up.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Through divorce counseling, you will learn different coping mechanisms that will allow you to stop being controlled by your emotions, and learn how to take control of them instead.

Seeking a Divorce Counselor

Here at Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City, we have over 80 years of collective experience working hands-on with couples and families of all ages. These include people from diverse, religious and cultural backgrounds. Couples therapy includes pre-marital counseling, marital counseling, and counseling for all couples, from heterosexual to those who identify as LGBTQIA+. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, don’t try to go through it alone. Call us today at 212-673-4618 to speak with a dedicated divorce counselor who wants to help you and your spouse maneuver this time in your life.