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Recognizing Demon Dialogues

Recognizing Demon Dialogues

One of the most important ways of developing a more intimate relationship with your lover is by recognizing when what Sue Johnson who pioneered Emotionally Focused Therapy calls Demon Dialogs before they happen.

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Is a Long Distance Relationship Worth It?

Is a Long Distance Relationship Worth It
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How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

How To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work 1200X630

Traveling on the journey of life together with someone can be a great comfort, but what happens when career situations or frequent travel splits you apart? Being away from your partner is never easy. Whether it’s the lack of physical intimacy that you desire or simply the comfort of knowing that person is nearby, being […]

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Long Distance Relationship Advice – How to Make It Work and Last

How far is long distance, for a relationship? Depending upon your transport arrangements, a relationship with a friend in the next town may be difficult. Seeking long distance relationship advice and how to make it work and last is essential whatever the miles between you.

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