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Should You Talk About Breaking Up with Your Partner?

When you suggest to your partner that it’s time to meet with relationship therapists, this is not a sign that you are about to break up. Nevertheless, one of you might be considering that scenario closely and whatever choices the two of you finally make, the therapy will help you discuss major decisions like dividing […]

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Premarital Counselors Are Vital For The Good Health Of A Marriage

Most people get engaged and married assuming they know a lot about each other. They may have had a few disagreements when they were dating, but they always managed to work with issues out quickly.

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Why It Is Important to Learn How to Deal with Personal Problems Before Marriage

You have reached a good place in your life, becoming engaged to a partner you wish to share the rest of your life with. As you spend more close time together there may become areas that must be discussed and dealt with before you marry, otherwise the marriage may have a rocky beginning. Premarital counselling […]

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A Couples Counseling Therapist Can Keep Your Marriage Strong

Every marriage goes through peaks and valleys. For some marriages, the difficult times tend to pull the couple together and create a stronger relationship of mutual support and understanding.

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How to Find a Great Sex Therapist

While good sex isn’t the only basis of a great marriage, it’s an inseparable part of it. If there’s no longer any fire or passion in your relationship, or if the intimacy is gone and you don’t know how to get it back, going for a couples sex therapy might be the best move you […]

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