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Marriage Couples Counselor Comments on Historic Stress Caused by COVID-19

Many facets of life became strained when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and people began staying home the majority of the time. Working from home created added stress and only being able to interact with those you lived with face to face at times exacerbated the issue. Married couples, especially those recently married, found themselves facing a new set of challenges, and some were not able to work past them. 

Talking to a marriage couples counselor in New York can help if you and your spouse find that the added stress from the pandemic is affecting your marriage. By talking to a couples counselor New York, you can come up with possible solutions.

Impacts of The Pandemic

There were many facets of life that were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including marriages. There was a rise in divorces, especially among newlyweds. The added challenge of being around each other 24/7 with no physical escape seemed to get the best of many couples. A reported 20% of couples who were married in the last 5 months sought divorce wherein 2019 only 11% sought a divorce in the same time period.

According to the Washington Post, there is a link between the COVID-19 pandemic and a decline in mental health among many Americans. Those who have anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse issues could be affected by the fear and isolation that many have experienced throughout the pandemic if they haven’t been already. 

With more people experiencing these emotions and issues, addressing them with a marriage couples counselor in New York can be a great way to work through the issues and stop them from affecting your relationship with your spouse. The least that couples counselor New York services can do is limit the damage if your marriage has already been affected.

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Mental Health Struggles

The mental health struggles you or your spouse face may not only stem from fear and isolation as a result of the pandemic. 

Research shows that there is a decline in mental health and a rise in deaths by suicide and drug overdose when unemployment rates rise. With much of the country having restrictions on businesses in the last few months, stress from losing one’s job can also factor into a person’s mental health. Married couples where one or both of the spouses lost their job could face financial struggles that can affect their marriage, as well. This can put a strain on the relationship and cause a rift between spouses.

Talking to a marriage couples counselor in New York after facing these or other struggles related to the COVID-19 pandemic can help relieve some of the stress on your relationship. In fact, it can even strengthen your bond with your spouse in these difficult times. 

The counselors at Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching in New York are dedicated to providing expert therapy to couples who need it.

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