The Three Steps of Your First Couples Counseling Meeting

You have taken the first step to improve your relationship by making that first appointment. Of course you are nervous about what to expect at that first appointment. There are three unique goals at your first meeting.

  1. Making the meeting area a safety zone for everyone to be able to talk about their feelings.
  2. Getting to know who you are as a couple.
  3. Getting individual family history.

These three goals are in place to help your counselor come up with a unique plan for you and your partner. By collecting this information, a plan can be designed that will best suit your relationship goals.

Making the Meeting Area a Safety Zone

Couples argue! That likely is not a great revelation to you but the fact that we often say things out of anger and that does not truly reflect our needs may. When we speak to people in the grocery store we are typically much more respectful than when we speak to our partner. The counselor’s first order of business is to make sure that everyone involved can speak about their feelings without using criticism. Reframing the arguments so that each partner can see what the underlying feelings are will provide each partner with a way to feel valued and able to speak. It is not the counselor’s job to take sides and admonish one partner or the other. It is the counselor’s job to open up healthy communication.

Getting to Know You as a Couple

Figuring out who you are as a couple starts with learning your story. Questions like how you met and when you realized you were in love can help the counselor to get to know you both better. While the questions are being answered and each partner is listening, it helps couples to remember what they are fighting for.

Getting Individual Family History

You are a culmination of your lifetime of experiences. Sharing what your life was like up until the point you met your partner can shed quite a bit of light on what you need from your relationship. A family Genogram will be created for both partners and used as a reference tool to help to build a better relationship.

Your first meeting is an important meeting where your future meetings will be mapped out. Come prepared to do some work. The hard part is over if you have made the decision to improve your relationship and have made your appointment.

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