What Do You Expect from Marriage Counselors?

You may only have seen marriage counselors at work in dramatic presentations on television, where you should best understand that almost everything is exaggerated for the purposes of the performance. In our line of work, our purpose is to help you talk, communicate and explain why you feel the way you do so that we can help you find resolutions to the problems.

What About Your Relationship?

To be able to help you significantly, we will be discussing your expectations from your current relationship. As marriage counselors, we will listen to how you feel about your relationship now and compare that to the past.

Where there are problems that exist currently, there must have been exceptional times that brought you to the conclusion of getting married originally. It is our aim to help you express why you may be frightened or concerned about your marriage, so that you can express your thoughts and emotions in a safe environment.

We understand that during your childhood you may have associated with exceptionally good relationships within your family, or conversely, it may have been extremely difficult for you when you were growing up. These may or may not bear any relationship to any difficulties within your current marriage and it is our role as marriage counselors marriage counselors to help you express your thoughts so that you can understand whether these early memories have shaped your thoughts and views about relationships.

During the early stages of your relationship you almost certainly invested a great deal of quality time in building the bond between you. This would have taken great energy and focus. No doubt, this may well have been followed by the increased demands from your work, parenting skills and any other difficulties affecting your lifestyle.

We want you to feel comfortable discussing any areas of concern so that you can communicate how you originally felt, how you feel now and what you expect of your relationship in the future. You may well be amazed at the skills that you didn’t know you held to help improve your marriage status.

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