What Questions Do Couples Ask Their Relationship Therapists?

You won’t be surprised to know that we are asked a wide range of questions when couples visit us for their relationship therapy. However, there are several questions that arise time and time again, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask a different question because the answer to that query, is important to you.

Are They My Best Choice?

Individuals often wonder if the person they have chosen for their relationship is really going to be the one special choice for the rest of their life. During the early stages of a relationship, it may be impossible to know whether your partner will still be with you in one year or 50 years, but you owe it to both of you to experience relationship therapy to learn the skills to find ways to increase the quality of your relationship, whatever the outcome.

Should We Get Married?

On most occasions, one partner proposes marriage to the other and hopes for a positive reply. In many other circumstances, couples almost fall into the situation that their families expect them to get married, but they haven’t got around to it yet. They may ask us, during relationship therapy, to answer the question for them. We would expect you to explore the positive reasons why you are currently in a relationship and help you discuss your commitments for the future. In this way, you may realize when you are ready or not.

What Happens at Christmas?

Deciding where to spend Christmas can be a deal breaker for many couples. You may feel obligated to spend Christmas with one set of parents or the other and in some sets of circumstances you may have four sets of parents who all believe they have a call on your time. You are going to have to talk through the positive and negative aspects about making each decision and add the constructive step of considering whether you should spend Christmas, as just the two of you, elsewhere, but only by knowing what damage you may cause by deciding on this conclusion.

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