Do Couples Worry Too Much and Cause Problems with Their Relationship?

When your parents have divorced and remarried and your married partner comes from a similar family setup, it’s no wonder that couples worry about what could go wrong with her marriage. Could these worries themselves cause difficulties within your relationship? As a marriage therapist, you can come and talk through your concerns with us to help you find solutions to your thoughts.

What Are the Big Worries?

Apart from worrying whether your partner will meet someone new and choose to end the marriage relationship with you, there are many concerns that couples worry about, when perhaps they should seek explanations for these feelings by talking to a marriage therapist.

Trust and honesty within a marriage is important, so it is with curiosity that couples wonder if their partner is sharing sufficient information about their life and lifestyle. The answer may be found when a marriage therapist helps you understand whether you are communicating and listening effectively with each other.

Will Your Children Turn Out to Be Good?

When you have experienced a difficult childhood, you may wonder if you are going to teach these traits to your own children. By stressing about these difficulties, you may cause complications within your marriage and you must find ways to eliminate these concerns before they will, in fact, affect your children.

Compromise Is a Necessity

You may have come from a marriage where compromise was not allowed or it may be that your family treated you unfairly throughout your life. Whatever age you are, it is never too late to learn how individuals have different thoughts, feelings and emotions and although you have selected each other as a couple for life, this does not mean that you must accept the poorest side of every deal, every time. We can help you understand how compromise is a necessity within a marriage and teach you skills where both partners will benefit.

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