How to Find a Great Sex Therapist

While good sex isn’t the only basis of a great marriage, it’s an inseparable part of it. If there’s no longer any fire or passion in your relationship, or if the intimacy is gone and you don’t know how to get it back, going for a couples sex therapy might be the best move you can make to fix your relationship and save your marriage.

Know What the Problem Is

What kind of sexual problems are you having? The better you know your situation, the more you’ll know what steps you can take or what kind of experts to see. Is your partner suffering from erectile dysfunction? Do you feel like you aren’t excited anymore? Is sex no longer fun?

Ask Your Doctor

Get in touch with your doctor and see if you can get a referral to a sex therapist. Chances are, your doctor might already know someone who’ll be perfect for the job, so reach out and ask.

Do the Legwork

Research can help you a lot, too, so go online and look for a sex therapist in your area. With plenty of doctors advertising their services through sites, you won’t have a problem finding a bevy of prospects conveniently located near you. Make sure the operating hours work for you and your partner as well.

Check Qualifications

Don’t forget to check their credentials and qualifications. If you want to give your marriage a chance, then finding the best and most qualified sex therapists and counselors around to help you and your partner tackle your problems matters. Don’t forget to look at their experience. Long-term experience is often an indication that they know what they’re doing, which is just the thing to inspire trust and confidence in you and your partner.

Get the Help You Need

Get the fire back in your marriage. With Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City, we’ll help you figure out a way to resolve your issues. In addition, sexual issues are often rooted in other deep-seated problems. With a range of services that include pre-marital counseling, relationship counseling and therapy, breakup advice, and more, we have what it takes to help you figure out exactly what’s wrong and find a way to fix it. With our resources, we’re fully capable and qualified to help you and your partner take your sexual relationship back from the brink. Call us today and schedule your first appointment with us.

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