A Couples Counseling Therapist Can Keep Your Marriage Strong

Every marriage goes through peaks and valleys. For some marriages, the difficult times tend to pull the couple together and create a stronger relationship of mutual support and understanding.

For other couples, those challenging times become sources of frustration, division and inability to work together. These couples often have longstanding problems with communication and interpersonal relationships, which results in a greater division when there is stress, pressure and external demands on the marriage.

At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching in New York City, we often see couples that represent both scenarios we have described above. It may not surprise most to see why a couple struggling in the relationship would seek our help, but it may be shocking to imagine a couple with few problems scheduling an appointment with our couples counseling therapist.

The reality is that a healthy, positive marriage takes work. It also takes the courage and the commitment to the relationship to reach out to others to continually develop the relationship and address minor issues as they arise.

Noting Issues Early

In the vast number of marriage breakdowns, the actual issue that seems to be the trigger for the divorce is only the last in a string of issues. The root cause of the breakdown of most relationships is a breakdown in communication.

Unfortunately, by the time many married people get to a couples counseling therapist they really haven’t been talking for years. They may have been speaking to each other, but they haven’t been able to express their needs, wants and goals in a meaningful way.

A healthy relationship will be attuned to the early signs of communication issues. Instead of allowing them to linger and grow, the couple seeks help. This may mean coming into a handful of sessions with a couples counseling therapist to help to determine the root issues of the distance in the relationship.

Being There

Another critical way that relationship counseling can be very beneficial to couples is to address issues that may be difficult to talk about. Intimacy issues, body issues and other factors will be much easier to discuss in a safe, confidential and carefully structured environment created by our experienced relationship therapists.

Building and sustaining a relationship does take work all through life. Our therapists at Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching in New York City are here to help you to create that great relationship now and for your future together.

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