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What Are the Real Benefits of Couples’ Therapy?

However happy you are with your relationship there may be areas of conflict where you cannot find a straightforward resolution that is bearable for both of you. Should these problems get out of control, your relationship may struggle to continue. When we are asked “what are the real benefits of couples’ therapy,” it is in […]

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Do You Know If You Are Searching for A Therapist or A Psychologist?

A psychologist is a medical practitioner who can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. A psychotherapist is involved with counseling, psychology, and social work. Where your needs are for a psychotherapist to help you, and perhaps your partner, learn how to communicate better, this is how to choose the right psychotherapist for you.

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What to Do When Specific Premarital Therapy Is Required

When you require expert premarital counseling, services it is necessary to ensure that your chosen therapist can provide exactly what you require being experienced and knowledgeable in your specific chosen area. Choosing a general therapist may not be appropriate as they may not be able to assist your circumstances effectively.

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What is an Empathic Breach? A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.

 I’m too beautiful to feel your pain.

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Brene Brown on the Difference between Empathy and Sympathy

Here is a lovely 3 minute YouTube video by Brene Brown on The Difference between Empathy and Sympathy.

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