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What Style of Counselling Will Help Your Marriage?

As individuals, each of us require communication and information that we can understand in our own way and this may be difficult to accept, even for those that are closest to us. Family marriage counseling will consider the best ways forwards so that each person can express their concerns and help guide individuals towards effective […]

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What Do Skilled Marriage Successes Suggest to Those About to Get Married?

Couples who have been married for decades must have learnt a trick or two which helps them stay married and enjoy the experience. What advice will they offer to couples thinking of getting married in the future? Should new couples meet difficulties, how can they receive the best advice from premarital counsellors such as ourselves?

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Are Long Distance Relationships the Best Test of True Love?

When you can succeed with a long distance relationship, it may follow that your bond and connection will be wonderful when you spend more time together. Conversely, you may receive long distance relationship advice which ensures that everything works well when you are meeting online and via your favorite app, but will this help you […]

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Can Divorce Lawyers Help Marriages?

Divorce lawyers will consistently see failed marriages and although they will be appointed to support one partner against the other, they will understand the difficulties that married couples face. Where the situation is not reversible, divorce lawyers may suggest that couples undergo marriage counselling therapy to give their relationship one last opportunity to become successful.

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Do Couples Worry Too Much and Cause Problems with Their Relationship?

When your parents have divorced and remarried and your married partner comes from a similar family setup, it’s no wonder that couples worry about what could go wrong with her marriage. Could these worries themselves cause difficulties within your relationship? As a marriage therapist, you can come and talk through your concerns with us to […]

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