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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Guaranteed ways to screw up your marriage.

Research by social psychologist J. M. Gottman, reported in What predicts divorce, has shown that it’s not angry exchanges that predict divorce but four kinds of negativity that corrode the love you have for each other. These four variables increase the odds of getting a divorce to 85%: 1. Criticism: Attacking your lover’s character. 2. […]

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8 Mistakes in thinking that lovers make which get them into trouble

These are serious and can get you into major trouble. So please take time to think about each of them: 1. Arbitrary inferences: Conclusions made without supporting evidence. Example: “He’s late from work. He must be visiting one of his ex-girlfriends. 2. Selective abstractions: Information taken out of context. Highlighting certain details and ignoring others. […]

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21 Ways to Show that you care about Your Lover

Feeling vulnerable these days? Maybe you’ve lost money in your IRA because of a bearish stock market. Or you’ve been asked to put in more hours at work for the same pay. You’re worried about rising school expenses for the kids. Both you and your wife are working harder than ever but you feel like […]

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Therapy for Couples with Adolescents

One of the best explanations our marriage and couples counselors have ever heard about what it means to be an adolescent is that these creatures, even at their healthiest, often exist to drive us crazy! The reason is they have a hole in the brain or as yet insufficient myelenation in their pre-frontal cortex. For […]

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Therapy for Couples with one or more Young Children

Remember when you both got pregnant, the emotions you felt? Most often shock, then joy and pride. A new family in the making! And after the birth of your child, another shock. Your lives as you previously knew them turned upside down. Your schedules now organized around this beautiful, adorable, deeply loved, tiny food processing […]

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