Collaborative Divorce that Works

When the romance is over but platonic caring and concern for each others happiness and well being are still very strong, Marriage Couples and Relationship Counseling collaborative divorce coaching can help by reducing conflict and managing emotional reactions that interfere with good decisions that enhance the well being of your family, especially where kids are involved.

Our collaborative divorce coaching is based on the key assumption that there is no such thing as a broken family. There are only families in transition – of all shapes, ages and sizes – that are challenged to adapt to new life circumstance and changed emotions.

Our short-term collaborative divorce coaching specifically:

  • Identifies, clarifies and prioritizes the concerns of every family member
  • Facilitates meaningful communication during negotiations over property, spousal support, child support and the children’s long-term educational needs.
  • Helps establish a good parenting plan solidly grounded in the emotional needs of the children.
  • Orients and educates attorneys regarding the emotional needs of family members.
  • Helps separating spouses make the painful transition to single parent families.

Call us at (646) 580-5451 for a telephone consultation.

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