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Is Pope Francis a heretic in disguise?

A pope who Opposes the corrupt life style of the College of Cardinals. Questions their hypocritical defense of celibacy. Reminds his esteemed colleagues that they’ve replaced the New Testament with the Wall Street Journal, especially at the Vatican Bank. Believes in his heart that Christ and the Buddha are one in the same. You don’t […]

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How empathic do you think you are?

These images from the Cleveland Clinic are a good test of your capacity for empathy Which image moves you the most?                 How’s he gonna pay for this?             Hoping to hold her baby today  

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Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant? – Henry David Thoreau

  Imagine what this mother is feeling.   Looking through the eyes of others whose experience of life from moment to moment, day to day is much different than ours is often a challenge. In this Video from the Cleveland Clinic we get the chance to practice.      

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Hannah Horvath and The Field Guide for the Urban Male

  In one of the best episodes of GIRL’S Season 3, Hannah Horvath lands a job as an advertorial writer at G.Q. Hannah knows the difference between real staff writers and advertorial writers, not as blatant as that between staff writers and fact checkers at The New Yorker, but clear enough. Yet she lets herself […]

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Is HBO’s GIRLS really about the girls or every girl for herself?

Having just watched the third season of HBO’s Girls, it saddens me to realize that the lives of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna differ in one crucial respect from those of their older gen-ex sisters in Sex in the City. The most moving aspect of Sex in the City was how Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and […]

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