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Is Choosing a Marriage Therapist Easy?

Having taken the excellent step of deciding that you’re going to be choosing a marriage therapist, 7 questions you need to ask before deciding are listed below to help you navigate the possibilities ahead of you. What will you do for me? We will explain how a marriage therapist works. We do not provide easy […]

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For When You Probably Don’t Understand What Marriage Therapy Can Do for Your Relationship

For the many that expect to attend marriage therapy and get to know it quickly, there are others who may not understand the benefits and expectations. If you expect us to answer all your problems with answers, you will be wrong. We will help you learn ways to communicate more effectively, to understand conflict before […]

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Why It Is Important to Learn How to Deal with Personal Problems Before Marriage

You have reached a good place in your life, becoming engaged to a partner you wish to share the rest of your life with. As you spend more close time together there may become areas that must be discussed and dealt with before you marry, otherwise the marriage may have a rocky beginning. Premarital counselling […]

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Brene Brown on the Difference between Empathy and Sympathy

Here is a lovely 3 minute YouTube video by Brene Brown on The Difference between Empathy and Sympathy. There are four qualities of empathy: You’re able to take the other person’s perspective. You stay out of judgment (not easy when you enjoy judging as much as most of us do). You connect with something in […]

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Affairs Can be an Opportunity, albeit a painful one, Instead of a Setback

The key question is always: Why are you or your lover having the affair? The person having the affair is usually looking for a level of intimacy, novelty, feeling desirble, a feeling of being alive again. It’s absolutely crucial for the betrayed lover to shift from being the investigator of the hows and whens of […]

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