3 Ways Pre Marriage Counseling Is The Answer To A Long And Healthy Marriage

It is often surprising to a couple that gets married and then gets divorced to hear friends and family say that they never thought the relationship would last. Often the couple is completely blind to the fact that many of their friends and family members saw the issues in their relationship long before the wedding and certainly long before the divorce.

To help to address these issues and to create a strong foundation of understanding for the relationship, pre marriage counseling is a must. For most couples at Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching in New York City, it is a very affirming experience that helps them to learn more about themselves and their partner, giving them the advantage of being able to talk more openly, communicate more effectively and understand each other more completely.

To understand just how pre marriage counseling is critical to a healthy marriage, let’s look at three distinct advantages it provides any and every couple.

Understanding Relationship Pitfalls

There are traps that married couples can fall into very easily. These traps or routines or behaviors often leave one or both people feeling unappreciated, lonely, isolated or unwanted.

By understanding the importance of making a connection and communicating with your partner on a daily basis, you can avoid these issues completely. A couple that makes each other feel valued, wanted and needed is a couple in a healthy marriage that will last.

Understanding Expectations

A large part of pre marriage counseling will be discussing your expectations for the marriage. This is important if it is the first marriage or someone’s fifth marriage. In fact, it may be more important if one of the partners have been married before or has come from a home where there was a divorce.

It is very easy to make assumptions about how roles and responsibilities will play out in a marriage. Failing to communicate this to the other person is going to cause tension, arguments and a lot of hurt and frustration.

Learning Tailored for Two

While many business professionals have taken communication courses, talking to a spouse and partner is very different. With our Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching in New York City therapists working with you in private, confidential sessions you can practice talking to each other through difficult conversations.

This highly personalized and tailored type of training builds the skills and the understanding that you can use throughout your marriage. It also gives you both the confidence to have discussions that otherwise may have remained an irritation that undermined your relationship.

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