Aggression Only From Humans

Only humans, no other animal species, can claim the following specialties concerning aggression:
1. We can abstract it and direct it toward adversaries a continent away.
2. Confuse it with sexual behavior.
3. Patent weapons for use against our enemies instead of using brute force like other animals.
4. Organize complete strangers into platoons, battalions and regiments willing to give up their lives for each other even though they are unconnected by families, cousins or local communities.
5. We can be extraordinarily passive aggressive and exaggeratingly ritualistic in showing contempt. We’re experts at damning with faint praise which no other animals can do.
6. Pay good money for the right kind of violence, vote for violent people, even mate with them.
7. The ways in which we are violent are deeply rooted in culture. When people kill in Minnesota, it’s not the ritualized, street gang violence they have in New York City or Miami. In Minnesota, they commit cold-blooded murders that incubate in the winters.

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