Common Relationship Issues a Couples Counselor Can Help With

Relationships take a lot of work. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose sight of this fact and our relationships can suffer greatly.  If your relationship is traveling through some rough seas, don’t worry. There are professionals who are experts in resolving relationship problems. Here are some common relationship issues a couple’s counselor can help with.

We are Constantly Arguing

While arguing is a pretty common thing in relationships, couples can sometimes find themselves arguing in a manner that can block healthier ways of communicating. Arguments can be a way in which couples can both reveal and resolve disparities in their beliefs, thinking, values and emotions. A good assumption to about virtually all arguments is that what’s being argued about isn’t the real argument. There are always raw spots or deeper fears on both sides fueling the argument.

Common Relationship Issues How Can a Couple’s Counselor Help?

An experienced couples counselor can help you – in a gentle, respectful manner – get to these raw spots by reframing your arguments. Here are two examples:

  1.       You said you were going to help me shop and didn’t because you just don’t give a damn about me. This can really mean I was so exhausted when I left work and it was really important to have you there, not so much to help me lug the groceries but just for you to be there.
  2.       I’m supposed to jump with joy when you clean the kitchen and take out the garbage. The last time you bothered was over a month ago. This could be a cover for I was so grateful when you cleaned the kitchen and took out the garbage. It made me realize how much I need you to help me more often with the other household stuff.

We Never Talk Anymore

Poor communication is seemingly the root of all relationship issues. If you and your partner find yourselves talking less, you may need to seek the help of a licensed couple’s counselor. When couples isolate themselves from each other it is usually the result of avoiding conflict. This desire to avoid conflict usually leads to the development of an emotional void between the couple as they retreat from one another.

How Can a Couple’s Counselor Help?

An experienced couple’s counselor can help you slow down and get to the raw spots or deeper hurts that always trigger arguments. You’ll be able to more easily express your deeper fears and hurts and feel safer about showing them to your lover. As Leonard Cohen said long ago, “Everything has a crack in it and that’s where the light gets in.”

Some Other Common Issues a Couple’s Counsellor Can Help With

Communication is by far the biggest issue that most couples deal with. An experienced marriage and couple’s counselor will be able to help you find the deeper fears and raw spots beneath:

  •        Time conflicts
  •        Sexual dissatisfaction
  •        Boredom, and especially
  •        Infidelity

Contact an Experienced NYC Couple’s Counselor Today

Talking to a couple’s counselor may seem intimidating, but it really isn’t. Licensed counselors are specially trained to help you both feel at ease and able to express yourself openly and honestly. An expert counselor could be the difference between a love that lasts and a love that fades. Don’t let common issues get between you and your love. Seek a marriage and couple’s counselor today.

If you and your partner feel that you need help dealing with issues which may arise in your relationship, Marriage Couples Counseling in NYC has the tools to open the lines of communication and help your relationship flourish. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 212-673-4618. Life may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that your love can’t be just right!


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