Have You Considered How to Maintain Your Long-Distance Relationship?

You may never have experienced living away from your partner. For many reasons, it may be necessary for one of you to live a long distance from the other, and this may be for several months or longer. There is a good reason to try couples therapy. How to maintain long distance relationships is a skill to be learned.

Communicating the Difficulties
Whether you undertake couples therapy on how to maintain long-distance relationships before one of you must move away or ask us for therapy to help either or both of you after one partner has moved away, communication is an important skill for you to update.

You may feel levels of distrust, unfounded or not when your partner is going to be living hundreds or thousands of miles away. They will build new relationships, and you may not know the individuals involved.

You will lose day-to-day physical contact with your partner. We will help you understand many of the difficulties that may be imposed upon you and find ways and to guide you to solve these issues before they become an area of conflict or struggle.

By understanding some of the things you choose to do together regularly or are special to you, you can replicate these, even at a distance to ensure your bond stays as extraordinary as before.

It may not be easy for one or both of you to be in contact several times or even once a day, given your new locations and perhaps the difference in time zone hours where you will be working or living around the globe.

By concentrating on what brought you together, we will help guide you in areas of communication so that you will both feel close and look forward to the days when you will be reunited.

There are many areas in which we can help and the sooner we are able to meet with you; your newfound skills will be able to be applied.

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