The Couples Dialog: The Secret To A Healthy Relationship

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In a long-lasting relationship, one fact remains true above other variables: the couple maintains an open dialog. Communication is one -if not the most, important factors that contribute to growth in a relationship. From the time you start dating to decades down the road, it’s important that you maintain a couple’s dialog if you hope to navigate life together. Whether that dialog is already strong or you’re looking to improve it, let’s take a moment today to consider how communication can have a profound impact on your relationship.

Structuring Your Dialog

Communication doesn’t just mean you look at your partner and nod when he or she is talking. Instead, it means actually take the time to listen, think, and respond. And, it goes both ways. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship is assume that “talking” is the same as communicating.

Instead of aimless chatter, why not put some structure in your dialog? Specifically, when you sit down to talk with your partner, follow a structured format. One of you sits and listens while the other expresses his or her thoughts. After your partner has completed that thought, take a few moments to think about it. Picture yourself in their shoes and only then respond.

This is just a rudimentary step to structuring your dialog, but with a bit of practice you can establish a set structure that works for you and your partner.  

Putting Aside Time to Communicate

Aside from the structure, you want to ensure you and your partner are actually putting aside time simply to talk and communicate. Put aside time every week, or better yet every day. Spend that dedicated time talking with your partner and engaging in a structured dialog. Listen to what they have to say. Share your thoughts and feelings in mind. By simply putting aside the time for this exercise, you could be saving yourself from a life of heartache.

Listen To Understand, Not to Respond

One thing to keep in mind as you go through your dialog is to always listen to understand. Whenever possible, put yourself in the shoes of your partner. Take the time to understand their perspective and consider it. If you do, you’ll likely find you would feel the same way, given their unique experiences in life.

And, don’t feel limited in your discussions either. For many, simply talking about their day and feelings they’ve had during the day is great, but others might want to explore other topics of conversation as well. It’s really about what fits you both best.

Adding To Your Dialog

If you and your partner do not have an open dialog, you might already be noticing some strain on your relationship. Remember, no matter how well you are suited for one another or how well you might know one another, no one is a mind reader. And, expecting your partner to know what you want or need without communication is a recipe for disaster. Instead, you must work together to maintain your couples dialog and keep open communication no matter what comes your way.

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