There’s No App for That: The Disastrous Effects of Electronic Devices and Relationships

Technology is everywhere and has a direct effect on everything we do. This also means it has an impact on our relationships – unfortunately, an all too negative impact.

The Worrying Research on Technology and Relationships

According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University, “technoference” is not only damaging to relationships but also your mental health.  The study, which examined 143 married women, found that the majority experienced a significant disruption in their relationships from electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. The study concluded that higher levels of this so-called technoference directly correlated to lower satisfaction levels in relationships. Also, this technoference also led to higher rates of depression and lower levels of overall life satisfaction.

This isn’t the only research which sheds light on the dangers of smartphones and relationships. In a study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 170 college students in committed relationships were asked about their dependence on smartphones and the role these played in their relationships. The researchers noted that people who reported being more dependent on their cell phones were much less likely to be certain about the strength of their relationship. And those who said their partner was overly dependent on a smartphone were equally less satisfied with their current relationship.

.Electronic Devices and relationshipsSo, How Do Smart Devices Hurt Relationships?

Here’s how smartphones and other electronic devices can directly impact our relationships:

You feel neglected when your significant other has their phone out – Even if they claim they are listening to you, the fact that they are unable to shift their gaze from their electronic device can be devastating. Being unable to pull themselves away from the phone can be an extremely negative expression about their priorities in the relationship.

You feel hurt if they don’t text back immediately – We all know the feeling. Why aren’t they replying? Are they ignoring me? Too often we put so much reliance on the need for instant communication that we forget that life is happening all around us. By forgetting that your loved one may be busy, we place unrealistic expectations on them and take any delay as a personal attack.

Text-only communication misses out on real intimacy – When we only text, we are losing out on truly communicating with our loved ones. When we text, we miss out on the intimacy and nuances that talking provides. And phone conversations miss out on the visual cues. If we rely only on technology to communicate, we are missing a huge part of any thriving relationship.

Couples Therapy to Help You and Your Partner Communicate

Now that you know how dangerous technology can be on relationships, it’s time to stop texting and start communicating!

If you and your partner feel that a couples counselor could help your relationship flourish by helping the two of you better communicate, don’t wait to find one. Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City is here to assist you and your significant other with any communication issues the two of you may be facing. Do not hesitate to reach out and seek our help. Call us today at 212-673-4618 for the help you need.

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