Do Same-Sex Couples Encounter the Same Marriage Issues as Hetero Couples?

Navigating any relationship can be difficult and takes a lot of effort from both partners to make it work. This is especially true when two people are married, whether they are a same sex couple or a hetero couple. If you are a same sex couple and find that you are facing issues in your marriage that you are unsure you can work out on your own, seeking same sex couples counseling can help. A same sex marriage counselor in New York can help you find the root of your problem and begin looking for a solution.

Of course, while all relationships can have their problems, there are certain issues that are more common within same sex marriages than heteronormative marriages, and vice versa. Some issues plague married couples regardless of sexuality. In this article, we talk a little bit about the similarities and differences same sex and hetero couples face. 

Money And Communication

There are some issues that can arise in marriages that are universal. One of which includes finances. 

Anyone can face issues with money or problems with communication. Lack of a sex drive in one or both partners could also be an issue that both same sex and hetero couples face. There can be issues with fidelity or one spouse may be keeping secrets from the other. In any of these situations, the sexuality of the married couple could factor in but is not the main concern most of the time.

same sex couples counseling

However, there are certain instances where same sex couples face an issue that hetero couples would not normally have to face. The societal pressures and prejudices that same sex couples face are often unique to this kind of relationship, and something that a same sex marriage counselor in New York would have to account for when meeting a couple for same sex couples counseling.

Prejudice From Family Members

Same sex couples often have to face prejudices from family members regarding their choice of partner. This can be an extra strain on a marriage if one partner’s family responds negatively or if there is simply a lack of familial support for the couple. The process of coming out is a huge step for many in the LGBTQ+ community, and someone’s ability to understand and empathize with their spouse who had a different coming out journey can be important in same sex marriages. 

Problems With Intimacy

Same sex partners can sometimes have issues with intimacy. Being too close to your spouse can remind you of being in the closet earlier in their lives. Seeing a same sex marriage counselor in New York for a same sex couples counseling session can help you move past these feelings.

Every relationship is different, but it is the job of a same sex marriage counselor to take into account the different issues that same sex couples might face that hetero couples might not. Talking about these problems in your same sex couples counseling session can help you and your spouse to resolve issues and avoid any others in the future.

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