André Anthony Moore, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (New York State License: 001435)

Ketamine and Psychedelic Assisted Therapist certified by The Integrative Psychiatry Institute Practitioner of Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Use Nonverbal Sensorimotor Techniques to deepen Emotionally Focused Therapy

Finding What You Need in a Relationship Therapist

Marriage is a tough undertaking. It takes a lot of emotional and physical energy to work on a marital relationship, and sometimes it gets so tough that you need some outside help. Marriage can be rocky, and when difficult times come around, couples usually find it easier to make it through if they use a professional relationship therapist. At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching, we offer a variety of counseling services for both married and engaged couples, and include practical skills and assistance to improve your relationship and allow it to grow.

Not Just Any Therapist Will Be Able to Help You

When looking for a therapist for your marriage difficulties, you’ll want to use one whose area of expertise is the treatment of couples. Naturally, the therapist you use should be licensed and experienced, but choosing a facility that is specifically geared towards couples is an excellent starting point. A good relationship therapist will teach you how to listen and stay connected to one another, how to communicate better, how to develop more compassion for one another, and how to rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.

This is not to say that therapists tell you everything you should do to make your marriage work. Therapists will instead make suggestions, give you advice, and allow you to think things through for yourself, and their main goal is to gently guide you towards your own conclusions and ideas. Together with a therapist, the couple learns what is and isn’t working, and how to improve on the areas that are causing the problems.

Therapists Use Different Techniques to Help Couples

At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching, we offer numerous types of counseling, including:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Sex therapy for couples
  • Counseling for people who are leaving abusive relationships
  • Post-breakup counseling
  • Couples and family therapy

There are many methods and recommendations that can help couples resolve conflicts, improve their relationship, and allow their relationship to grow and thrive. Only a professional relationship therapist is qualified to perform these services so that the couple can better enjoy both their relationship and life in general. You can trust the competent counselors at Marriage Couples Counseling Life Coaching to begin the sometimes difficult journey of improving your relationship, and also to learn skills that can help you even when your sessions are completed.

Many things can contribute to problems in a relationship, and some of these are related to things that have happened in the past. With a competent therapist, couples can learn which techniques work best for their particular situation, so that in the end, they will have a more loving and fulfilling relationship.

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