Four Questions to Answer before Getting Married

Statistics of marriages and divorces is staggering, many couples that have exchanged rings and oaths in a registry office, sometime later returned to this registry office again – to divorce. Do you want to live with your beloved happily ever after, despite the sad figures? Before answering “yes” to the long-awaited request for marriage, consider these things first.

What is the Reasoning behind Wanting to Marry

It is plain and simple, why get married? Whether the decision is dictated by a sincere affection for the beloved, the desire to start a family and grow old together one day, or you just want your mom to stop pestering you with questions and hints about the subject of marriage; the race for status and desire to please everyone sometimes can play an insidious joke on us and make us forget about our true desires. Ask a Pre Marriage Counseling in New York City to help you.

What Are the Plans for the Future

Psychologists say that many couples would be able to avoid divorces if they took marriage more seriously. In any relationship, and almost every relationship (not only romantic, but also friendly and business), the main cause of conflict is a mismatch of expectations. One may feel that their future spouse has to be ready to become a parent, or stop talking to their regular group of friends, certainly help around the house and so forth. In the head of your fiancé, the picture of married life may be completely different. Discussing these scenarios during pre-marriage counseling in New York City may be quite a revelation.

Communicating Effectively

Communication is very important and more often than not, people do not know how to do it effectively. Dating someone for a while may give insight as to who they are, but living with someone day in and day out is very different. All of a sudden you will see a full range of emotions and how they react to everything, the good, bad and ugly. Premarital Counseling in New York City can assist people on how to properly cope and handle these types of situations when they occur. Pre marriage counseling in New York City also shows people that no relationship is perfect and everyone is going to go through something difficult.

Be Friends before Lovers

Even the most ardent passion will be replaced by calm and warm affection after a while – in that case, of course, if you know how to be not only lovers for each other. If your communication is now reduced to a hot date in the bedroom, then over the years, you’ll appreciate his sense of humor, reliability, ability to compromise, and the ability to understand your moods and thoughts without any word. Pre Marriage Counseling in New York City may help you, but at first, just ask yourself if you were not meant to be together, would you want this person to be your friend? Visit here for more information.

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