How Premarital Counseling Could Save a Divorce

Divorce rates suggest that around half of all marriages will eventually fail. Had more couples met with us or other premarital counselors before they were married, they may have been able to understand the differences between the partners and to understand how to react to this to be able to prepare better for the marriage years. Perhaps there is a lack of understanding about things to know about premarital counseling.

Unexpected Pressures and Circumstances

When a couple agrees to meet, one of the things to know about premarital counseling is that it provides the opportunity for both partners to open communication about issues from their past. There may be many examples of discussions that have never taken place, perhaps because we all carry pre-existing thoughts about the way that things will be in the future.

Where there are age, gender, religious or cultural reasons for thinking differently about how your future will unfold and particularly after children arrive, communicating your thoughts about these matters before the marriage means that you will understand more about your partner’s considerations, rather than taking matters for granted.

For example, we will guide you to explore your different religious and cultural beliefs and communicate your thoughts and feelings, rather than restraining those. By communicating efficiently and effectively, you will be able to agree how you will handle certain circumstances in the future, rather than walking into a battlefield.

One of the things to know about premarital counseling is that we try to help you learn new skills, particularly open communication, that will help guide you in the future.

When a difficulty arises in the future, you will both already possess the skills that will expect you to calmly discuss the issue and find a conclusion that suits everyone within your family.

By raising every subject of your choice and finding ways to discuss and communicate decisions, you will be better placed for the years of your marriage and can always return to us to top up or revisit your skills where necessary.

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