Important Ways in Which Therapists Tell You if Your Relationship is going to Work

It may not seem like it but even the happiest couples in the world go through some rough patches. The strongest relationships will come out stronger and the ones that have no substance will fall away. That is the reason why relationship therapy is advised for couples, since the professional therapists can tell them if their relationship has got the legs to last and will end up working for them. So how is it that therapists figure out if your relationship is going to work and how do they actually manage to pick out those signs? Here are the important ways in which they do that:

Your Conflicts Include Contempt and Criticism

Relationships that include constant criticism and contempt for each other are bound to fail eventually. That is because partners who are negative with each other will not support one another when they face harsh times. They will continue to grow apart and then will fall away at the end.

No Trust in Each Other

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your relationship is going to succeed or fail, since trust is one of the most important factors for any relationship. You need to have trust in each other if you want to grow your relationship, otherwise things are never going to work out.

Lack of Intimacy

Therapists can read the body language of a person and if they notice that there is an intimacy problem in the relationship, it will never work out. Intimacy and romance are important in any relationship, since it allows the couple to form a connection with each other and if that is absent, then the relationship is doomed.

Lack of Emotions and Too Much Drama

Relationships that are not sound emotionally will experience a lot of drama and they will not be able to stand the test of time. If there is too much fighting going on in the relationship and the couples are not looking to support each other, this will weaken the relationship and cause the couple problems.

Lack of Empathy and Interest

If there is no empathy amongst the couple then you can safely say that the relationship is going to end pretty soon. Couples that are in love are madly interested in each other and will find ways to make time for each other. However, if there is no interest and no sign of empathy, this will suggest that the relationship is heading for failure.

Not Motivation to Improve

When too partners are not motivated to improve their lives and their relationship, they will never be happy in their lives. It is important to always seek improvement in all aspects of life and that can only be achieved if there is motivation

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