In Person Appointments

Covid Safety Protocol Used by Marriage Couples Counseling for Office Visits

∙ Counselor will be wearing a mask upon your arrival.

∙ You will be asked to apply hand sanitizer that will be provided. If you wish, medical examination vinyl gloves will also be provided.

∙ Your temperature will be taken (it must fall below 99.9 in order to continue).

∙ Your blood oxygen level will also be measured with a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (≥ 95% is normal; < 95% suggests an abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood and possible symptoms such as shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, rapid heartbeat).

If your temperature and blood oxygen level fall within the normal range, you will invited to sit down on a comfortable couch with a coffee table between you and the therapist who will be seated in a rocking chair more than six feet away.

The room is fully air conditioned and the air is being constantly purified via a Whispure 510 Air Purifier with a Hepa filter (see right of arm chair)


At this point, the therapist will lower his face mask and we will begin your consultation (See: What to Expect in Your First Meeting)

At the end of the consultation you will be given the link to a 10-minute mindfulness meditation video that helps reduce lingering anxiety triggered by sudden, recurring stress.

Please call me at 212 673 4618 to speak for 10 minutes so I can get a sense of what you’re struggling with, how I can be of use to you and explain our Covid 19 Safety Protocol in greater detail.

Andre Moore, LMFT

Marriage Couples Counseling

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