How to Rekindle the Fire After Having a Baby

love after baby

There aren’t many more significant experiences in life than having children. The existential joy that comes from bringing another soul into the world solidifies that fact that children are bright spots in our lives. Of course, kids can also complicate any marriage’s dynamics. Love and sex after a baby can be tricky.

Many couples find themselves in a tough period after childbirth. There are sleepless nights, endless concerns, and seemingly endless trips to the pediatrician. Both parents are exhausted. Work, friends, and social obligations take up much of your free time. All of these can make keeping the flame alive a challenge.

You’re not in this alone. Here are marriage tips that will help you learn to rekindle the fire after a baby.

Love After a Baby

A quick Google search for something like “after baby relationship breakdown” turns up more than 76 million results. There are lots of couples, going through exactly the same thing as you.

There are countless reasons for feeling the loss of love after a baby. Consider the sheer amount of work that needs to be done for your newborn and around the house. It’s overwhelming to say the least! Add into the mix the adjustment to parenting and the countless small, daily arguments that happen and you’ve got a lot of stress on your plate.

So, how can you find love after a baby? Remember to do things like:

  • sex after a babyMake time for yourself – Taking time to practice self-care will make you a better partner (and parent!) in the long term.
  • Go out even if you don’t want to – Going out with your partner or friends is a great way to reduce stress and just generally relax.
  • Try to schedule your sleep – Easier said than done, but the benefits of being well rested can’t be overstated.
  • Exercise – Exercise helps release endorphins, keep you centered in the present, and just makes you feel better.
  • Couples counseling – Don’t feel embarrassed to see a couples counselor. Remember that love is a choice and one you need to keep on making

How to Reclaim Your Sex Life After a Baby

Now we’ve come to the fun part of romance advice. It’s time to talk about your sex life after a baby.

Just like there are endless causes of relationship strain after having a child, there are also countless ways to rekindle your sex life.

  • Shake things up – Your schedule is already all over the place, so isn’t it the perfect time to try out morning sex?
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – Maybe your partner really wants to have sex, but you’re just not ready. Whatever the scenario, remember that open and honest communication is beyond important
  • Practice intimacy – Kissing, cuddling, and even holding hands is a great way to start reclaiming your sex life.
  • Try new positions – Not only will this keep things fresh (especially when combined with having sex at new times), but new positions can help minimize stress about how your body looks after giving birth
  • Try his time/her time – His time is when you do everything to please him sexually. Her time is when he does everything to please you

Need to Rekindle the Fire? Call Marriage Couples Counseling Today

These invaluable marriage tips are only scratching the surface. If you want to learn how to love after a baby, or need help getting in the groove of sex after a baby, it’s time you contacted Marriage Couples Counseling. Our expert staff has over 80 years of combined experience helping couples find happiness. Call us today at (646) 859-0189.

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