Relationship Therapists Are A Sure Solution To Your Troubled Marriage

If you are sitting at work and talking to a group of your friends and coworkers and someone mentions going to relationship therapists as a way to work out a problem, you will likely hear at least one negative story.

The story will typically start out that both people went to the therapist openly and willingly and then the therapists suddenly took the other person’s “side.” Generally, the conversation will indicate how the therapist bullied and blamed the person and support the lies and untruths about the relationship told by the other.

The reality is that licensed and professional relationship therapists do not take sides. They work with couples that are already having serious relationship issues in an attempt to create understanding, rebuilding damaged trust and increase the ability of the couple to communicate with each other. They may also work on intimacy and other issues the couple has including helping the couple to work through the damage caused by affairs, cheating or challenges with addictions or other issues.

It Takes Three

All relationship therapists can only work with what the couple brings to the table. If a couple attending sessions with a professional at Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching in New York City is willing to be open, honest and involved in therapy, even the most challenging issues can be addressed and the relationship can survive and even thrive with time and effort.
However, the therapist cannot do it for the couple. The professional can provide the environment, the expertise and the support, but it also means being able to look closely at your own behaviors and make changes that benefit the relationship.

To make a change in the relationship for the better, it takes both partners and the therapist to create this change. It is more than just showing up for sessions or participating in the office. It will take working on things between sessions, carefully evaluating your own responsibility in the challenges of the relationship and committing to the other person to make the desired modifications to your behavior.

The good news is that therapy works. Our experienced therapists use a range of different treatment options that are carefully tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. We approach each couple very differently, listening carefully to their goals for the relationship and then providing the necessary tools and expertise to help them to achieve those positive goals.

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