Separation and Marriage: Is It Really the End?

Far too often, married couples fight so much that they separate. To many, separation is the beginning of the end of marriage. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Separation and marriage: is it really the end?

Separation Can Actually Save a Marriage

Separation doesn’t have to mean the beginning of the end of a relationship or marriage. In fact, separation can actually be the start of a new beginning. How? When you separate you have time to begin to deal with the issues which are affecting you as a couple. Separation can be a time of forgiveness and a renewed commitment. Taking the time to get some distance from painful situations can provide you space – and clarity – you need to help think things through and work them out mentally. By taking the time to give each other some space, you can collect your thoughts,  allowing you to communicate much more intimately and with a greater sense of understanding once you reunite.

Separation and MarriageSeeking Help in Separation

While taking time to think your issues through on your own is great, sometimes getting outside help during a separation can do wonders for your marriage or relationship. Professional counseling services can help you in a number of ways and can help guide your relationship through these trying times.

  • A counselor can help the two of you set clearer and reasonable expectations. Knowing exactly what each other expects and needs is critical to resolving any underlying problems you may have.
  • You may not have the same goals and aspirations as your significant other. Talking things through with a professional counselor can help the two of you better understand each other. Temporary separation is a great way to focus on you and what you want, but for a relationship to succeed, you need to be in tune with each other. A professional marriage or couples counselor can help you come together as a unit.
  • Finally, a marriage counselor can help the two of you better communicate. Often, separations are the result in a break-down in communication, which in turn can lead to animosity and problems. Speaking with a professional therapist, you can learn the secrets to opening the lines of communication, allowing your love and relationship to flourish and enter a new period of stability and honesty.

Couples Therapy to Help You and Your Partner Communicate

Separation is an unfortunate reality of some marriages. In these instances, the help of a licensed marriage and couple’s counselor can help greatly. If you and your partner feel that a couple’s counselor could help your relationship flourish by helping the two of you better communicate, don’t wait to find one. Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City is here to assist you and your significant other with any communication issues the two of you may be facing – especially those related to separation. Do not hesitate to reach out and seek our help. Call us today at 212-673-4618 for the help you need.

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