Signs Your Relationship Needs Counseling

The decision to seek out relationship counseling is a tough one. Most couples have negative thoughts and feelings about seeing a counselor, often believing that there is nothing to gain. To the contrary, a counselor is a wonderful resource that can help you improve your relationship by helping the two of you resolve any issues and to reconnect. Through the tools your counselor gives you, you’ll be able to feel more confident and happier in the relationship you are in. Below are a few of the clearest signs indicating that relationship counseling in New York City is the best option.

Communication Issues

Every couple goes through bouts where they stop talking, usually due to a fight or argument. However, if your relationship is constantly peppered with instance where the two of you can’t communicate or talk about certain feelings or situations, then you may need to get a third party involved.

A counselor will be able to identify the reasoning behind the deteriorated communication and provide you with the resources that you need to get discussions going again. In addition, the counselor can help the two of you feel more comfortable in addressing certain issues, which is an important quality to have in any long-term and serious relationship.

Imbalances in the Relationship

Another troublesome sign that your relationship is in need of a counselor is when there are imbalances in your relationship. The most negative imbalance is when the relationship contains a partner who is the “punisher” and “authority figure” in the relationship.

These types of relationships are unhealthy because the subordinate partner begins to feel insecure, unimportant, and insignificant within the relationship. This type of imbalance often has to do with misconceptions about how relationships operate and with a counselor’s help, the two of you can sort through this issue.

Financial Disagreements

Finally, a relationship counselor can also help you work through your financial disagreements by helping facilitate a healthy discussion about financial expectations, goals, and budgeting. By working through finances, you and your partner can avoid one of the most frequent causes of breakups and divorce.

At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching, our dedicated and experienced professionals work to provide you with the tools and resources that you need in order to facilitate a healthy and positive relationship. Our relationship counseling in New York City is what will help you and your partner get on track and stay on track.

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