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Use Nonverbal Sensorimotor Techniques to deepen Emotionally Focused Therapy

Ten Types of Hookups

Elite Daily recently provided a breakdown of 10 types of hookups.  Which one best describes your way of engaging in a new relationship?

1. The One-Night Stand

Hit or miss, sex first, friends second, if at all. Can easily get to be a habit, like masturbation.

 2. A Second Glance

Drank too much the first time. A second shot to see what’s really there, always starting with was that person really good in bed?

 3. The Booty Call

 Yep, really good in bed! But the person inside that super-hot body is still a complete blank.

 4. Friends With Benefits

 The person inside that super-hot body is nice enough, respectable, decent but a little on the boring side.

5. A Date

Fueled by a strange urge for companionship with absolutely no thought of sex and a weird desire to actually share something.

6. A Fling

You see each other again even though you know it’s not going anywhere. The company is decent and the sex continues to be great, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts even though we know all good things must end.

7. The Stepping-Stone

 Like a fling but only one of you knows it’s not going anywhere. The sex is still great.

8. A Backup

One of you is good but not good enough to be exclusive. So if the main squeeze dries up, you’ll be sought after with great sincerity.

9. Boyfriend-Girlfriend

 Wow! I mean, seriously. Wake me up, I’m dreaming. You’re really the one for me and visa versa.

10. Lost In Translation

How did Jenji Kohan put it in one of her more memorable lines?

You fuck up, try to make it better but wind up making it worse, but you always give each other a chance to practice.

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