Why Pre-Marriage Counseling Is Suggested to Couples

For many, thinking about ways to improve your marriage before you are married is a difficult conversation. You wouldn’t want to upset your future spouse at this stage. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why pre-marriage counseling is suggested to couples and here are some.

Divorce Rates Are High

Managing finances between a couple can be extremely difficult if one of you continues to act as though they are single after you are married. Where you have talked about finances before you are married, you will have agreed what each will do to contribute to the income and bills after you are married.

Adultery can often ruin a good marriage. For those couples who have discussed communication and loyalty to each other, they will understand why pre-marriage counseling is suggested to couples.

Pre-marriage counseling provides you with the opportunity to discuss your expectations and to understand the thoughts and feelings that your partner wishes to share.

Different cultures and religions force expectations on marriage, and these may not agree with how one or both partners expect their marriage to survive.

On occasions, the parents of one or both partners may have overbearing thoughts about how the marriage should be conducted and when children should arrive.

By meeting with a counselor in advance of your marriage, you will have the opportunity to share your views in a safe environment. It may be that your partner may not have considered some of your views but will be especially welcome to hear your thoughts and include them in the long-term planning for both of you.

We will be pleased to explain how and why pre-marriage counseling is suggested to couples. Through our guidance and teaching you new skills to recognize and understand difficulties before they become problems, you will look forward to a wonderful and long marriage.

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