5 Marriage Counseling Tips to Survive Extreme Stress

Life can throw a lot of stressful situations at us, as evidenced by the pandemic over the last few months. At times, it can be hard to cope with the stressful situations you are put in, and that can be reflected in how you interact with your spouse. Talking with a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor can help you to alleviate the stress and improve your marriage.

Outside influences can sometimes have negative effects on a relationship, and meeting a New York mental health counselor or New York marriage counselor can teach you how to navigate these outside influences.

So what are some ways you can deal with extreme stress and keep your marriage from suffering?

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1. Remember, You’re Both in it Together

It can be easy to blame each other in stressful situations, but it’s important to remember that you are in it together. If the stress is coming from an outside source, acknowledge that neither partner is at fault and look to see how you can tackle the situation together. If you find it difficult to separate outside stress from the relationship, try contacting a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor to talk about your situation.

2. Be Flexible

Although you are married, you may keep different schedules, and this can make it hard to connect with one another. Try setting aside time to check in with one another, but also know that there may be times that one partner or the other might not be able to make the designated time. When this happens, communicate with one another.

3. Understand How Each Other Deals With Stress

Everyone deals with stress differently. Some turn it inward while others lash out. Sit down and talk to your partner about how they deal with stress and open up about your own coping mechanisms. Understanding what stresses your partner out and how they react to stress can help both of you better deal with it if it affect your relationship.

4. Know Your Breaking Points

Each of you might have different levels of stress tolerance. You may be able to handle stressful situations better than your partner can. Remember that a situation that bothers your partner might not have the same effect on you. Talking about what each of your breaking points is with each other can be beneficial. You may also want to speak with a New York mental health counselor or a New York marriage counselor.

5. Set Aside Time For Each Other And Yourself

Scheduling time for date nights can be helpful to let you distance yourself from a stressful situation. It’s a time meant for just the two of you, where you don’t have to talk about difficult topics for a few hours. It may also be helpful to schedule alone time for yourself, especially now that more people are spending time at home with their spouse.

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