Same-Sex Marriage Counselor in New York: 4 Tips to Keep the Flame Burning

There are times in many marriages where one or both partners may feel as though the spark that was there has gone. It can be a difficult time for spouses to navigate, especially if you can’t pinpoint where things started to go wrong. It could be helpful to talk to a same sex marriage counselor in New York about different ways that you can keep the flame burning in your marriage. 

Talking to a New York marriage counselor for same sex couples could give you a third party perspective on your relationship and help you to reconnect with your spouse. If you find that you or your partner—or both of you—are beginning to feel unhappy in your marriage and want to try to remedy the situation, contacting a same sex marriage counselor in New York could be a great way to start.

We have listed below a few things you can try if you are not comfortable talking with a same sex marriage counselor, or if you want to exhaust other options first.

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  1. Be Honest With Each Other

Talking about what you think the problem might be with your marriage can be a great step towards finding a solution. However, each of you must be honest with one another and willing to listen. Try to see the situation from your spouse’s point of view. You are both still individuals with certain preferences. What you like may not be what your spouse likes and vice versa. Being able to bring these honest opinions to your New York marriage counselor can also help you pinpoint and resolve the issue.

  1. Respect Each Other’s Situation

In a same sex relationship, the process of coming out often plays a large part in each person’s journey. You or your spouse may have had a more difficult time coming out than the other, and this might make you more uncomfortable with public displays of affection or with family gatherings. Sitting down with each other and with a marriage counselor in New York could help you understand what your partner is going through or help your partner understand what you are going through.

  1. Make Time to Check in With Each Other

Communication is key to any relationship and making sure that each person feels like they are being heard is important. This could involve a simple conversation about how the day went for each of you. Be sure that you listen to what your partner is saying and try to empathize with them, especially if they had a difficult day.

  1. Be Spontaneous

If you and your spouse have been together for a long time or have a very defined routine, it is easy to fall into monotony. It could be helpful to shake things up from time to time. Maybe switch off planning surprise dates or explore new places together. It could be as simple as a dinner date or as elaborate as a scavenger hunt. Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City Can Help You And Your Spous

If you and your spouse are thinking about meeting with a same sex marriage counselor, look no further than to André Moore. Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City can help guide your relationship onto the right path.Contact us at (646) 859-0189.

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