The Best Relationship Advice For Couples In NYC

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People often ask me, as a marriage therapist and couple’s counselor, to provide them with the most important piece of relationship advice for couples in NYC. In my years of working with couples, it seems to me that the best advice is to seek help when you first start noticing your feelings changing in the relationship. All too often I work with couples that have been dealing with conflict and relational troubles for a long time before they finally decide to seek help, and it makes the resolution process far more difficult.

The other bit of advice that is common in my practice is to determine when a relationship is no longer healthy or sustainable. When this happens my role is to provide relationship breakup advice in New York City so that the couple is able to discuss the relevant information about their breakup and have closure on the relationship to the extent that they choose.

Not All Relationship Advice on Breakups is Helpful

Often by the time people come to me for relationship advice for couples in NYC, they have already talked to many other people in their lives. This typically includes friends, family members, and even coworkers. The result of all that information is that they have probably received some very bad relationship advice on breakups and may be creating more strife and emotional distress than there really needs to be.

Relationship breakup advice in New York City that contributes to conflict, emotional pain, hurt, anger or frustration is not helpful. When people aren’t trained in marriage therapy and counseling they often provide advice that is counterproductive to the couple and may contribute to the difficulty in having an amicable breakup. You simply cannot rely on inexperienced relationship counseling in NYC to help.

Getting Support

Sometimes my relationship advice for couples in NYC is that the relationship is simply unhealthy. This may be because of domestic violence or emotional abuse, codependency issues or simply people that have very different goals, beliefs, expectations, and desires for the relationship. These are issues that can usually be resolved through NYC premarital counseling. Each time I see couples, I use my expertise and knowledge to analyze the situation and provide the best explanation I can for what is going wrong. I then recommend a plan of action for fixing it.

Let Marriage Couples Counseling Help Your Relationship

At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching our goal is always to support couples and to provide relationship advice that will help them to stay together happily. However, in some cases, we may focus on relationship advice on breakups when one or both of the parties to the relationship are unable, or unwilling, to work towards a better and healthier marriage.

Don’t let miscommunication or drifting become the end of a marriage or relationship. Even if your marriage feels strong, premarital therapists in NYC can help you work towards maintaining that happiness in the long-term. Contact us online to schedule a consultation today or call 212-673-4618 to speak with a counseling specialist.

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