Do You Need Therapy For Relationship Advice In New York City?

therapy for relationship advice

Often when couples are struggling with communication, trust, intimacy and their interconnectedness as a couple one or both secretly believes that therapy for relationship advice in New York City would be highly beneficial. However, and for many different reasons, they may not say anything to their spouse or partner, missing the opportunity to take advantage of the service and further jeopardizing the longevity and wellbeing of their relationship.

The reality is that most couples that are experiencing slight to extreme difficulties in their relationship will benefit from the use of relationship counselors in New York City. In my practice, I have worked with couples with all stages of disconnected relationships and marriage counseling needs and have found that with focus and support even what seems like impossible conflicts and obstacles can be worked over, through and around, in order to move on and begin healing.

Why You May Need Relationship Therapists in NYC

In my experience, the vast majority of couples that come in for therapy for relationship advice in New York City have difficulty with communication on some level and in some form.

This could be the inability to talk about meaningful things without dissolving into a conflict or it may The lack of communication may have to do with trust or it may have to do with an unwillingness to engage in conversations that always become flared with tension, blame, contempt, and stonewalling.

marriage counseling in nyc

In either case, through role-plays, discussions and exercises I am able to create a safe, comfortable environment to explore the reason for this communication breakdown and develop the skills that you need to go forward with better, more effective ways to talk to each other. In doing this, I help these couples to work out and even recognize differences in a healthy manner. That leads to a relationship more defined by patience, romance, and curiosity (the kinds of adjectives that describe a happy, healthy partnership).

The Tragedy of Not Seeking Help

For some of my clients, the optimal time for correcting the problem has long passed and they actually come into therapy for relationship advice in New York City to work through the dissolution of the relationship but hope to continue to remain civil, respectful and friendly with each other. In many cases, these are the couples that have children of the relationship where having a good, healthy relationship is the next step in their roles as co-parents. This is an important step because in the instances when children are involved, choosing not to seek help to fix issues with communication can lead to conflict that affects not just the couple, but the entire family, a dynamic which may require further mediation and intervention down the road.

Let an NYC Relationship Counselor Help

At Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching, we can help couples at all stages in their relationship. While easy counseling and therapy are always what we recommend, it is never too late to change course in a marriage to become stronger, better and more loving partners to each other. No matter where you are in your relationship, you should consider seeking counseling as it can help those that are failing but also reinforce those that currently feel strong. Contact us today at 212-673-4618.

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