Disconnected Relationships And Marriage Counseling In New York City

marriage counseling in new york city

As every relationship ages, there are changes that occur. In different seasons of life, a couple may find that they spend more time on different activities and focuses in life, but they should never lose their feeling of love, romance, intimacy and joy in being a couple. Such dynamics can threaten to destabilize or end a relationship.

Drift Happens

However, all too often, couples just begin to drift apart. They often don’t come into relationship counseling in NYC because there isn’t any anger or fighting, there is just a slow disconnect from the relationship. It may be when kids are young and intimacy is a challenge or it may be as people move up in their careers and take on more responsibility at work.

The mistake is to believe that once this happens, or as it is happening, there is nothing that can be done. In fact, on the contrary, marriage counseling in New York City can be instrumental in helping couples of any age and in any stage of their relationship to learn to be more connected with each other on a physical as well as an emotional level during moments of conflict or in order to prevent it.

Miscommunication Is Common 

disconnected relationships

Even if the relationship is feeling strong, miscommunication can occur. Many relationship challenges are in fact challenges in communication, a vital part of any partnership. If you feel you are not communicating clearly and effectively, an NYC counselor can help facilitate new ways to communicate with each other. Once communication fully has deteriorated to the point where you are no longer talking, it is often hard to get it going back in the right direction without the professional guidance of an expert.

Righting the Ship

The benefit of marriage counseling in New York City is that even when couples have drifted apart from each other or gone down a path of miscommunication, reconciliation and reconnection is very much a possibility. Often struggling with intimacy or the ability to connect on a deeper emotional level with each other is all that is keeping couples apart.

By going to relationship counseling in NYC, even when there is no conflict but just a disconnect, the deeper underlying issues that created that void can be discussed in a safe and respectful environment. If conflict and conflict avoidance may have started the drift apart this can also be addressed and dealt with through your sessions with the help of an expert relationship counselor.

Marriage Couples Counseling Can Help You Reconnect 

The therapists at Marriage Couples Counseling will ask the important and relevant questions that will help you both to rediscover your relationships and to work towards the emotional and physical intimacy that you both desire. You will also learn ways to talk to each other and communicate prior to issues becoming problematic, which will always help to reduce the risk of the situation repeating itself in the future. Don’t let miscommunication or drifting become the end of a marriage or relationship. Contact us today at (212) 673-4618 to schedule a consultation.

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