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Five Ways to Spice Up Your Married Sex Life

Marriage doesn’t have to mean a boring sex life, though many couples get caught up in boredom. There’s a crucial difference between men and women when it comes to sex. For men, it’s about excitement and climax, whereas, for women, it’s first about mood, setting, emotional context and then excitement and climax. Get it, Romeo? Marriage Couples Counseling offers these five ways for how to spice up your married sex life.

Try Something New

It’s not uncommon for married couples to get into a routine that seems mundane and overly repetitive when it comes to sex. Consider trying something new to spice up your married sex life. This can include having sex in the morning, in a room other than your bedroom, in different positions, and even getting a hotel room just for the sake of having sex.

Schedule Time with Your Spouse

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with scheduling intimate time with your spouse, especially if you’ve gotten into a rut that features no sex at all. Couples with children often need to schedule intimate time with each other instead of waiting for the right moment to strike. Put a date and time on the calendar and include the room you will use and a fantasy you want to act out with your spouse.

Don’t Miss a Single Week

sex positions to spice up married life

Do you truly want to be happy in your marriage? Do you want to make sure your spouse is always happy? If so, don’t miss a single week of sex with your spouse. Experts recommend that you should have sex at least once per week. For some, this might seem like a chore, but you can easily make it all about your partner and creating an intimate environment for both of you.

Learn to Tease Your Spouse

When it comes to sex, a lot of people like to be teased by their spouses for a healthy married sex life. Don’t be afraid to learn some witty banter to add. You can also learn how to send sexy text messages to your spouse. Just make sure the settings on their phone are private first so anyone who sees their screen doesn’t see the messages you send.

Try New Positions

There are plenty of sex positions to spice up married life that you and your spouse can try. Don’t be afraid to talk to your spouse about trying a new position. If there is apprehension, ask your spouse what he or she would like to try. Consider watching a movie together that educates couples about different positions so both of you are comfortable.

Having Sex Problems in Married Life? Call a Counselor Today

If you are having sex problems in married life, it might be time to call a counselor to discuss the problems. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from an outside source to improve the health of your marriage and your married sex life. Call Marriage Couples Counseling at (212) 673-4618 today to schedule your initial appointment.

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